A little about me.

Hi everyone, I’m Eilidh. I’m a forensic science student and I’m working through my final year in university at the moment. I have no clue what I want to do with my life but that’s okay. I work part time in retail in between studying and spending most of my spare time with my boyfriend who I plan on moving in with after summer when we relocate to England. I make a concious effort to keep fit and do so by attending my local gym…blah blah blah right? I reaaallly love taking photos too. Whether they are of my friends, my dog or somewhere I’ve travelled to and I know I should really learn how to properly photograph things and maybe I could make a career out of it? Who knows. Anyway below is a pic I took on the Isle of Luing (I know it looks weird but it’s pronounced like ling).39976_1163896993521_1710751076_350381_1493134_n.jpg Anyway, I think that’ll probably do for now. I really just wanted to start a blog to write everything down, travels, stresses, mini achievements, photography and maybe some fashion although I can’t promise it would be interesting!! Anyway, please keep reading my blog and I promise I will try to be interesting!! p.s you might be wondering how to spell my name…it’s like hayley without the ‘h’ so like AAY-LAY it’s very scottish sounding anyway.

A little about me.

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