Okay so a few weekends ago my friends came down to visit and we spent a day in London. I’ve been to London before a few times but some of the others hadn’t so we made our way round as tourists for the day!

after getting the train from Leamington we jumped on the underground and went straight to Camden Lock to grab some lunch in the markets! We all went in different directions to try out different food and the nicest looking one was definitely the loaded fries!

Sorry about the photo quality had to screenshot from a video! But how amazing do they look?!

After filling our bellies we continued on to Buckingham Palace. We stopped off and took some snaps and chilled out on the stairs for a while. It was really busy so we walked on towards Westminster along the edge of the park which was so nice to see such a beautiful park right in the centre of busy London!

We reached Big Ben and Westminster and went on to see the London eye. So many tourist spots in the one area so Westminster bridge was really busy!

We went down and booked in for the London dungeons but had a bit of a wait so we IMG_0442walked along the riverside and came across an area called the underbelly festival which was amazing! We went in not really knowing what to expect and were met with a garden with massive flowers, picnic benches and food and drink stalls. We grabbed a drink and chilled in the sun playing cards for a while it was great!
We went to the dungeons and had the best time it was such a laugh and we all got a fright at one point (or more!) which made it hilarious for everyone else!

After the dungeons our day was pretty much done. We walked up to Trafalgar Square and sat by the fountains for a while to chat about where to go for dinner. We decided on prezzo as they have so many options and a fab range of gluten free as well! After dinner it was home time so time to head for the train and get ourselves back to Leamington.

We definitely managed to cram a lot in to our day but you would ideally need at least two days to get round everything! We all got home and fell asleep pretty soon after which was well deserved after the amount of walking we done! I might have had sore feet at the end of the day but I’ll definitely be back!



A little about me.

Hi everyone, I’m Eilidh. I’m a forensic science student and I’m working through my final year in university at the moment. I have no clue what I want to do with my life but that’s okay. I work part time in retail in between studying and spending most of my spare time with my boyfriend who I plan on moving in with after summer when we relocate to England. I make a concious effort to keep fit and do so by attending my local gym…blah blah blah right? I reaaallly love taking photos too. Whether they are of my friends, my dog or somewhere I’ve travelled to and I know I should really learn how to properly photograph things and maybe I could make a career out of it? Who knows. Anyway below is a pic I took on the Isle of Luing (I know it looks weird but it’s pronounced like ling).39976_1163896993521_1710751076_350381_1493134_n.jpg Anyway, I think that’ll probably do for now. I really just wanted to start a blog to write everything down, travels, stresses, mini achievements, photography and maybe some fashion although I can’t promise it would be interesting!! Anyway, please keep reading my blog and I promise I will try to be interesting!! p.s you might be wondering how to spell my name…it’s like hayley without the ‘h’ so like AAY-LAY it’s very scottish sounding anyway.

A little about me.