Split, Croatia

Okay so we booked ten nights in Croatia and tried to cram as much as possible into them. Our main apartment was in split as it was so easy to get to everywhere we wanted to visit from split as it had a very central ferry port.

When we arrived it was around 9 at night so we went for a walk around town and went back for an early night so we could wake up and explore the following day.

We stayed in an apartment in the town centre which was amazing! It had a lovely roof terrace which you could watch the sun go down from and look out onto the town. The hosts were very accommodating and were there whenever we needed advice on where to go etc.

We headed out for an early breakfast and it was honestly the first time I’ve had cheese in an omelette and I’ve been obsessed ever since!! It’s sooooo good! Anyway after that we walked around split and saw the palace and worked out our plan for the next nine days. We visited the bus station and the ferry port to book tickets for different islands and a bus trip to krka national park.

It was a chilled day followed by an okay dinner in one of the many similar restaurants in the palace walls. We really wanted a good dinner as we knew Croatia must have more to offer!

The following nights we got better food and even found an amazing sushi restaurant! We ate so much but it was so good!


One of the days we spent around split we went a walk to the park at the top of the town. The walk was tiring because it was so warm and pretty hilly so a cycle may have been a bit better! The park was full of little private areas where you could get out to the sea without the busyness of the towns beaches. The waters were so clear here and it had a little cafe at the top as well to sit and have a well deserved beer!


Bacvice beach is one of the main beaches in split so we spent a day here as well. We sat round to the side as the main beach was very busy so we found a spot with table service and access to the sea. It was good but a lot busier than the other days we had in split.

Split was relatively quiet at night with only a few bars playing loud music. We may not have found the lively area if there is one but from what we saw it was quite chilled with nice cocktail bars.

The supermarkets are very cheap and the restaurants are reasonably priced. The most money we spent was on transport for visiting other destinations. It was relatively close to the airport but we got our own transport to split so not sure how reasonable the transport is but I know they run a bus from the airport to the town centre.

There will be separate blogs for the places we visited from split so please take a look!

Split, Croatia